Money Clip & Card Wallet (Sample Sale)
Money Clip & Card Wallet (Sample Sale)
Money Clip & Card Wallet (Sample Sale)
Pingree Detroit

Money Clip & Card Wallet (Sample Sale)

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Sample Sale Note: This was our first design of our money clip. As excited as we are about it, we decided as a team that we will be changing the design for our 2020 collection. We are selling the remainder of the original batch we designed and handcrafted in 2019.

The Pingree money clip and card wallet is made of entirely US-sourced components and features a money clip, pockets on the front and back of the wallet, as well as a middle pocket that runs through the body of the wallet. The edges are painted and sealed in a non-toxic, water based edge paint which gives a clean appearance that will ensure durability for years to come.


  • Available in Black 
  • 3" wide x 4" tall 
  • One pocket per side, each pocket holds 5 credit cards
  • Money clip attached to back full pocket 
  • Middle pocket that can accept cards, cash, or whatever you can fit in it
  • Non-toxic black edge paint ensures durability and sleekness
  • Handmade in Detroit of 100% US-sourced components

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Q: What kind of leather is used in Pingree Detroit products?
A: We use only the finest automotive leather in our products, which we source from the Detroit auto industry. 

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