Assortment of leather Corktown Coasters in colors cognac, steel grey, onyx, and scotch - Made using upcycled leather and cork
Glass of whiskey on a steel grey Corktown coaster
Assortment of leather Corktown coasters in steel grey color - Made by Veterans in Detroit
leather coaster in a steel grey color with Pingree detroit embossed - made in Detroit with cork and car seat leather
Ceramic coffee cup on a steel grey Corktown Coaster, embossed with the Pingree logo, made with upcycled leather and cork
Assortment of leather Corktown coasters in the color cognac , embossed with the Pingree logo - Made with automotive leather and repurposed cork
Cognac Corktown Coaster, embossed with the Pingree logo - Manufactured in Detroit from repurposed leather and cork
Assortment of leather Corktown Coasters placed on a table with a plant and glass of water
Steel Grey Corktown coaster, made by Veterans in Detroit, being embossed
Pingree's Corktown coasters in colors onyx, scotch, steel grey, and cognac made from upcycled leather and cork laid out with a glass of scotch - home goods on display
Assortment of leather Corktown coasters in onyx black - handmade in Detroit from repurposed leather and cork
Single leather Corktown coaster in onyx with Pingree logo embossed, manufactured with premium automotive leather and upcycled cork
Detroiter and veteran cutting automotive leather with the click press
Assorted leather Corktown coasters with color labeling (cognac, steel grey, onyx, and scotch) made from repurposed leather and cork
Veteran removing automotive leather from a click press dye for the Corktown coasters
Assortment of leather Corktown coasters in scotch - Made in Detroit from automotive leather and repurposed cork
Single scotch Corktown coaster made from upcycled automotive leather and repurposed cork
Coffee table spread highlighting the scotch and steel grey Corktown Coasters, made from repurposed cork and leather
Stainless steel coaster holder with Pingree logo on metal
The Corktown Coaster
The Corktown Coaster
Pingree Detroit

The Corktown Coaster

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When car seats are turned into coasters, your drink always has the best seat in the house. 

Each Corktown Coaster is handmade in Detroit by our team of Veterans and Detroiters with leather upcycled from the American Auto Industry. We unite this durable automotive leather with cork crafted from leftover wine bottle corks.  We then hand-emboss our logo on each coaster. It’s a great gift that smells like a new car -- because it nearly was. 


  • Suede(the automotive leather underside) is simple to clean. 
  • Free Carbon-free shipping with 100% recycled padded mailers 
  • Made in Detroit, MI & we are worker owned so 77% of the profits are shared with our workers
  • Creating training and meaningful employment opportunities for U.S. Veterans and Detroiters
  • Free U.S. shipping! 

corktown coasters made with leather in 4 colors with a 5 star review


  • 4” x 4”
  • ⅛” depth
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Upcycled cork bottom

“Corktown” is not only one of the oldest neighborhoods in Detroit but is one of the first places where a “Pingree potato patch” popped up. Detroit Mayor Hazen Pingree gave 430 acres of land and seeds to Detroiters to grow their own food during the nationwide depression of 1893.  We honor his commitment to service above self with these coasters.

The leather used on your Corktown Coasters will have a texture and shade that may vary slightly from the leather pictured since your coaster is crafted with small batch leather reclaimed from the production of new cars).

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