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How Pingree Defines Sustainability

How Pingree Defines Sustainability
Thanks for sharing a few moments with us. Our team believes anything is possible and if you see a better way, try and find a way to make it happen. We'd like to share a bit more context for how we define sustainability, and we'll share future blog posts about why it's important to our team of Veterans and Detroiters, and some of the principles and goals that guide our daily work. 

Waste Free: Our team works alongside the American auto industry to take their unused brand new car seat and steering wheel leather, pre and post production, and turn it into our products instead of it going to the landfill. Since 2015, we've diverted 12 tons of automotive leather from the landfill.

We're currently problem solving and designing and engineering products to utilize the smallest leather "scrap" pieces we have after we've used the left-over leather for our products. Currently we are researching and investing in ways to shred and reconstitute the small leather, and design into a circular economy model so that all our products can be returned to us at the end of life, (you'll just scan a QR code and we'll ship you a box) be broken down, and turned into something new or composted with no harm to the surrounding ecology. The idea of "waste" and "away" only exists because we have an economy and "Matrix of Comfort" that prioritizes low-cost high profit instead of maximizing well being of the people and planet. 

We are also on the way to completely eliminating all waste from our entire production and supply chain by 2025. This will be exceptionally difficult, but worth it, as we journey to develop a depth of relationships with all of our suppliers, 97% of whom are in the USA, that enable us to work together to eliminate the waste we receive from them shipping hardware, production materials, and tools to us. Think about how much plastic/Styrofoam, etc. you can't recycle that is created using fossil fuels and then goes to landfill every time you shop online or at the store - this is unacceptable in a world doing all we can to combat the climate crises. We are doing our best to forge ahead alongside so many of you to make a better way and will be transparent about all we're learning and doing along the way in the hopes others can benefit from this info. Please comment here if you have some other companies or tips on best practices for this. 

Carbon Free Footprint: Pingree has net zero emissions and offsets our in-bound and outbound carbon and GHG emissions from shipping and energy usage with reforestry projects and investing in renewable energy. We aim to measure and offset the entire green house gas emissions generated from our supply chain- but this is an exceptionally difficult task and require time, people, expertise, and resources we currently don't have, so we are pursuing investors to support our efforts. This will also be open-source to maximize access to solutions that benefit all life. 


Toxic Free: No harsh chemicals are used and glues are water based.

People + Planet > Profit:  77% of profits are reinvested into our workers, neighborhoods,free skilled-trades training, and restoration of the Great Lakes watershed. We are a worker owned- cooperative.

Test Drive our products: Carbon free shipping, free returns/exchanges, hardware and stitching guaranteed for life, and no questions asked refunds up to 365 days after purchase(some restrictions apply).

We'll do future blog posts to delve deeper and share progress along the way. 


Donna Bosink

Just a question: do you have any way to use the plasticized bags that are used for bird seed, dog food and cat food? I hate throwing them out. A friend makes “plabric” mats out of them, but she has way more bags than she needs.

I once saw online a tote bag made from a bird seed bag – very colorful, and practical. But I gather they are not easy to make, as needles break on regular sewing machines.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, and thank you for what you and your people are doing.

Donna Bosink

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