Veteran Mission

Our neighborhoods and nation are strongest when those in our community that volunteer to serve this country return home to a strong support system, the ability to find good paying jobs, and can determine what they need and claim it for themselves and their families.

This is not happening at the level it needs to, and we all share the responsibility for strengthening and evolving our communities and economies so no one is left behind.

Pingree Detroit exists because too many veterans and Detroiters around us are not working who want to work, and we see pathways to create meaningful, living wage work, by hand-making quality products that make life better for our customers, our makers, and the community around us.

The veterans on our team regularly lead leather crafting workshops with veterans residing in a veterans shelter in our neighborhood, which allows our veterans to serve and mentor veterans in the area and also creates a direct pathway for us to identify strong candidates to join our team in the future.

To support the veterans on our team, we set time aside for leadership development and sponsor alternative therapy including float tank therapy, yoga, and meditation.

We are a worker owned company and create community rooted wealth by sharing 77% of profits our company makes with the veterans and Detroiters on our team. Every maker on our team has opportunities to learn skilled trades in shoe making, leather crafting, design, advanced manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

We are all in this together and thank you for being part of our efforts to not only pay a living wage but to reimagine what it means to wage a living.