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5 Creative Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

From creative gifts to friends, family, or someone special, you can say I think you're pretty great in some new ways!

carbon free tree. Pingree carbon offset image. Fossil free.

  • 2. Name a star after them -
    • One could say something like, " I love you like I love the sun, so I named one after you" ...Even the aliens will know your love

  • 3. Donate to their favorite charity and give them the receipt and what impact they created
    • Cause doing good feels good and makes good things happen. The card could read, " You have made such a beautiful impact in my life so I wanted to pay it forward in your honor."
    • There are countless worthy causes but a few of our favorite 501C3's  are the Michigan Veterans Foundation, General Baker Institute in Detroit, Mission Continues, Center for Community Based Enterprises, Michigan Humane, National Wildlife Federation, and
  • 4. Give them a new car...sort supporting this really cool worker-owned team of Veterans and Detroiters at Pingree Detroit hand making goods guaranteed for life that are made from upcycled Leather and seat belts from the auto industry (Shameless Plug) Like their 1 of 1 Pingree Tote or one of their small batch wallets
    • The card could say, "I think you smell great all the time, know what else smells great? This bag that smells like a new car because it nearly was"

telegraph tote made with art. 1 of 1 handmade by veterans and detroiters in detroit with upcycled leather. Detroit. 

  • 5. Learn how to paint together ( paint with a twist, local museums who offer free classes, etc) or buy some non-toxic finger paints and have fun being a hot mess together
    • Your card could read, "You're like an abstract painting. You fascinate me, inspire the best emotions, and I love every imperfection." - So let's get weird with some finger painting
And remember, you're a gift just by being you so no material thing is as great as your time and attention. And we totally encourage you to get some of these for yourself and we will celebrate you from afar!

With Love, The Pingree Detroit team - Rayne, Nate, Meg, Eric, Amika, Gregory, Steve, Fernando, Alesha, Alyssa, Ricky, and Jarret


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