Pingree slim wallet in onyx black. Manufactured in the USA from upcycled automotive leather.
Pingree slim wallet full of cards being held. Sustainably sourced leather from the automotive industry.
Pingree slim wallet with money on a table with a book. Made in the USA with leather sustainably sourced form automotive waste.
Pingree's slim wallet full of cards. Made in the USA by veterans and Detroiters. All leather sourced sustainably from upcycled leather from the automotive industry.
Slim 3 Pocket Driving Wallet
Slim 3 Pocket Driving Wallet
Slim 3 Pocket Driving Wallet
Pingree Detroit

Slim 3 Pocket Driving Wallet

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The Pingree slim wallet is made of entirely US-sourced components and designed to be the perfect slim front pocket wallet for driving and beyond. The leather is reclaimed from Detroit's auto industry,  hand -stitched, and crafted at our Detroit workshop. An exciting first for Pingree Detroit, this wallet is not only made by our skilled team of US veterans and Detroiters, but designed by a US veteran.

The Pingree slim wallet features pockets on the front and back of the wallet, as well as a middle pocket for cash stash or more cards that runs through the body of the wallet. The edges are painted and sealed in a non-toxic, water based edge paint which gives a clean appearance that will ensure durability for years to come.


  • Available in Black leather
  • 3" wide x 4" tall
  • One pocket per side, each pocket holds 4-5 credit cards
  • Middle pocket that can accept cards, cash, or whatever you can fit in it
  • Non-toxic black edge paint ensures durability and sleekness
  • Handmade in Detroit of 100% US-sourced components
  • Free carbon free shipping


*The leather used on your wallet will have a texture and shade of color that may vary slightly from the leather pictured and may exhibit natural imperfections since your wallet is crafted with small batch leather reclaimed from the production of new cars.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Since the majority of our products are made to order, we try our hardest to ensure orders ship quickly. Most accessories ship within 3-5 business days after the order being placed. If the product is made to order- you'll see the estimated days needed to make your handmade piece in bold on that respective product page. Footwear will ship based on the month included on the receipt emailed to you and the name in the Title when you checked out. 

Q: What kind of leather is used in Pingree Detroit products?
A: We use only the finest automotive leather in our products, all upcycled, which we source from the Detroit auto industry. 

Q: Is the leather Waterproof?
A: The automotive leather used in our products is mostly steering wheel and car seat leather so it's extremely durable and resilient. Most of our products are water resilient, meaning the product won't get damaged when it gets wet, but it's not waterproof unless we specify in the product title or description. 

Q: What is your product guarantee?

A: We want you to be happy, and tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your Piece of Pingree a decade from now how well it's still holding up, so we will stand by our product for life. If the stitching or any hardware fails on one of our products within 365 days of the product arriving to you, we cover the cost of getting it shipped back to us to repair and shipping it back to you at no extra cost. After the warranty, for the Life of Your Product, if anything breaks on it from normal use( please don't use our dog leashes to lift engines out of cars--even though they can hold it) - all you pay is the labor it costs us to repair it and the shipping expense. 


Pingree Detroit footwear is currently only available standard widths. Email us at with questions about other sizes as we are working on adding E-EEE widths for some common sizes.

Pingree Detroit footwear is "true to size", meaning that they are based on the sizes of athletic footwear, like tennis shoes. Order the size that you would normally use for athletic footwear. We then send our footwear customers tracing instruction to ensure a perfect fit.

Don't see your size or what you're looking for? Contact us at  We would love to learn how we can better meet your needs.

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Customer Reviews

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John Salamun
Pingree is GREAT!!

Pingree is GREAT! We usually buy their products at Eastern Market -- but just placed this order via phone with Jillian's assistance. We have journals, wallets, journals, and a few others -- loving or gifting many of their products. Everything is just beautiful --- we'll be back soon for a pair of those incredible boots! Thanks -- John Salamun

People like you are the reason we will be able to continue growing our impact. Thank you!

Bryan Bromley
Met the creator of it here and really…

Met the creator of it here and really helped me decide to buy. Can't wait to get them.

Thank you so much Bryan! Excited to be in community with you.

Mark Warren
Great shopping experience.

Great shopping experience.

Always love the products

Always love the products offered and a plus supporting local independently owned businesses. The mission, vision of this company is awesome.

We sure appreciate that!

Website was easy to use to purchase…

Website was easy to use to purchase good.

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