Pingree Waste Bag Holder made from repurposed vinyl.
Dog wearing a Pingree leash, collar, and waste bag holder. All materials are upcycled and ecofriendly.
Pingree Waste Bag Holder made from repurposed vinyl.
Pingree Waste Bag Holder with a waste bag inserted. Manufactured in the USA from upcycled vinyl.
The Junkyard Dog Hands-free Waste Bag Holder
Pingree Waste Bag holders at the market with paper tags. All made in Detroit from ecofriendly upcycled vinyl.
Dog laying over a fence with the Pingree Waste Bag Holder made from upcycled vinyl.
Black Poodle wearing the Pingree Pet Line made from upcycled automotive materials.
Pingree Detroit

The Junkyard Dog Hands-free Waste Bag Holder

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When sh*% happens, let us carry it for you. Walks are better with a free and clean hand.

Simply knot your waste bag and slide it securely in  place on our patent pending waste bag holder.

  • Clips onto any leash, bag, or harnesses
  • Made from upcycled automotive vinyl 
  • Handmade by Veterans and Detroiters
  • Carbon Negative and Waste Free
  • Shitty, ergonomic design
  • Handmade in Detroit
  • Military-grade thread
  • Rust proof easy-on clasp
  • Poop emoji design so you get shitty compliments from strangers

Engineered for runs, trail hikes, city strolls, and anywhere a dog’s business happens. 

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