Kercheval keychain with Pingree Detroit logo. All American made hardware. Manufactured in the USA from sustainable, upcycled leather.
Kercheval key chain on a ring of keys with a sunny Michigan sky. All hardware made in the USA. Ecofriendly leather repurposed from waste from the automotive industry.
The Kercheval Car-Seat Key Chain
Pingree Detroit

The Kercheval Car-Seat Key Chain

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The "Kercheval" is our sturdy leather key chain made by hand in Detroit by US Veterans and Detroiters using durable and brand new car seat leather upcycled/reclaimed by the Detroit auto industry.

Each key chain comes with a maker tag with the name and picture of the veteran or Detroiter who made it. Consider giving the gift of impact to someone you care about!

Hardware: Nickel rivet and key ring

Material & Color: Upcycled leather in automotive grade in black. Black Italian edge paint for added durability

Dimensions: approx. 2.5” x 1.75”assembled

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Why the Name Kercheval? We named this key chain after Benjamin Kercheval (1793-1855), he was an officer in the War of 1812. He built a house on Field street( where our CEO lives and prototyped our first shoes). Kercheval operated the Detroit Glass Works and the Detroit Hoop Manufacturing Company. In 1865, he was instrumental in establishing the Michigan State Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and helped create state laws relating to the humane treatment of animals.He is credited with helping establish an art museum in Detroit, and helping establish public drinking fountains in Detroit in 1871. 

So bring a piece of impact and history wherever you go, with the Kercheval Key Chain by Pingree Detroit. 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Since the majority of our products are made to order, we try our hardest to ensure orders ship quickly. Most accessories ship within 3-5 business days after the order being placed. If the product is made to order- you'll see the estimated days needed to make your handmade piece in bold on that respective product page. Footwear will ship based on the month included on the receipt emailed to you and the name in the Title when you checked out. 

Q: What kind of leather is used in Pingree Detroit products?
A: We use only the finest automotive leather in our products, all upcycled, which we source from the Detroit auto industry. 

Q: Is the leather Waterproof?
A: The automotive leather used in our products is mostly steering wheel and car seat leather so it's extremely durable and resilient. Most of our products are water resilient, meaning the product won't get damaged when it gets wet, but it's not waterproof unless we specify in the product title or description. 

Q: What is your product guarantee?

A: We want you to be happy, and tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your Piece of Pingree a decade from now how well it's still holding up, so we will stand by our product for life. If the stitching or any hardware fails on one of our products within 365 days of the product arriving to you, we cover the cost of getting it shipped back to us to repair and shipping it back to you at no extra cost. After the warranty, for the Life of Your Product, if anything breaks on it from normal use( please don't use our dog leashes to lift engines out of cars--even though they can hold it) - all you pay is the labor it costs us to repair it and the shipping expense. 


Pingree Detroit footwear is currently only available standard widths. Email us at with questions about other sizes as we are working on adding E-EEE widths for some common sizes.

Pingree Detroit footwear is "true to size", meaning that they are based on the sizes of athletic footwear, like tennis shoes. Order the size that you would normally use for athletic footwear. We then send our footwear customers tracing instruction to ensure a perfect fit.

Don't see your size or what you're looking for? Contact us at  We would love to learn how we can better meet your needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Corey Grueber
Fantastic product

Fantastic product, fantastic company 👏 I have two wallets, a Keychain and am about to grab the sneakers too.. can't wait!

Thanks Corey! People like you make our work possible.

Great products made in the USA

Great products

I have really enjoyed my folio and…

I have really enjoyed my folio and keychain

Fantastic to hear Rany! Thank you!

Just a Guy
Love the Products, Hate the Delivery Time

Love the product. Having hung out in Pingree Park I really appreciate these keepsakes (coasters and key chain). I'll periodically check the site and look for things to purchase. The thing that got me was the deliver time. Six weeks is too long. Please try to improve here.

Thanks for your honesty and business. We are really happy you're happy with your Pingree keepsakes. Thanks for your patience as our small team handmade over 1,000 orders over the course of 3 weeks working 6 and 7 days a week since our first National News piece went live. We are grateful for the overwhelming support and usually ship within 48 hours.

Robin Mills
very nice products for sale at fair…

very nice products for sale at fair prices...easy to use website...I look forward to getting my custom made backpack and key chain

You're a gift Robin. Excited to hear how you like you bag. Thanks for supporting us.

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